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Hello Lady
(or Gent)
 I'm Lisa Lane- Treadwell

I have always had a passion for hair, beauty, and business. I have been in the beauty industry for 40 years, and have owned and operated my full service salon for 35 years. Although hair and beauty are my art, my passion goes “beyond the chair.” My aim is to empower and uplift fellow professionals, in and out of the beauty industry, and support them in realizing their power.


When I am not chasing my dreams, I am living the dream with my husband. He is my love and my biggest supporter (and he is the one behind the name of Pretty Powerful). We love to travel, go out to eat, enjoy a good wine, and spend time with our grand baby!


Full Service Salon Owner for 35 years

Currently serving on the Professional Beauty Association Advisory Council to assist in the advancements of the beauty industry and it's future​



Served on the Maryland State Board of Cosmetology to help regulate the cosmetology industry in Maryland

Trained budding Cosmetologists

Taught a Cosmetology Exam Prep Course at Anne Arundel Community College

Was an instrumental part in writing bills to enhance the cosmetology industry. Among these bills include HB- 1309 and HB-1600, which have both become laws in the state of Maryland. HB-1309 Limited Hairstyling License is for those who are interested in only performing hair services. HB-1600 State Board of Cosmetologist- License Renewal- Continuing Education allows cosmetologists to continue their education.

Serves on various community service organizations such as the Parole Rotary of Annapolis and am a chairman of the Kunta Kinte-Alex Haley Foundation


Serves the community by helping to feed the homeless and seniors

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