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Lisa Lane

Business Owner 
Hair Stylist
Beauty Activist



I am a full service salon owner, cosmetology educator, cosmetology bill writer, continuing education advocate, former cosmetology board member, current Professional Beauty Association council member, community supporter, loving wife, frequent traveler, and "madam" to my first grand-baby.

Lisa's of Annapolis Salon

Lisa's of Annapolis is a full service salon that has been serving the Annapolis area for 35 years. Lisa's is centered on mind, body, and soul- assuring you look and feel your most beautiful, inside and out.

To schedule an appointment please call us at 410- 266-7470.


pretty powerful

"I wanted to create a community where professionals in and outside of the beauty industry are able to receive information, learn from each other, connect, and grow. I want you all to know the power within and feel equipped to share that with the world."

"Every time you leave Lisa Lane you will feel more fired up than when you arrived & you will likely have at least 3 new ideas. I can’t praise this woman enough for how hard she works & she is a wonderful example of what it means to love people with what you’ve got. Lisa is the good people that the world needs more of." 

“Lisa Lane did my mother's hair, she does my hair, and she does my daughter's hair. She is not just our hair stylist, but a friend who has been a part of some of our family's biggest moments. ”

“When customers arrive they are greeted with a warmth by Lisa that gives you that feeling of belonging to something unique."


contact Lisa

Phone: 410-266-7470

Salon: 2521 Riva Rd #7, Annapolis, MD 21401

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